Monday, August 8, 2011

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

How Russia Cares about Orthodox Unity

Russia always “regrets” that situation is not good between two Orthodox nations and they express condolence about it. It’s not good when one wants to use religion for narrow political purposes and when it becomes subject of speculation. Russia never cared about Orthodox Georgians and we witnessed it in many places, when they backed different kind of people in wars against us.
In 1801, Russia annexed Georgia and abolished autocephaly of the Georgian Church. They saw a real threat in religion as well. In 1921, Russia occupied the First Republic of Georgia; they divided country in peaces and destroyed many churches. During that period the Georgian national treasury was taken to France in order not to be destroyed by Russian Bolsheviks. Thanks to God, treasury was survived and now you can see old Georgian Orthodox icons in our national museum.
Even now Russia still keeps Lenin in mausoleum. It’s obvious that one cannot serve God and devil simultaneously. Keeping Lenin means respect of devil, who destroyed a lot of churches and killed members of the Russian Royal family. They killed their king and can you imagine how “well” they cared of us?
All negative things what happened with Serbia is the result of Milosevic who was backed and encouraged by Russia. Russia gave incentives and promised military support in case of military intervention. True friends are always together and try to show each other the right direction. But Russia opposite showed a wrong direction to Serbia and when NATO started operation, Russia left Serbia alone face to face to NATO and found out that their annual budget was less than a month budget of USA.
So, it’s difficult to understand Russian feeling towards Orthodox nations and their perception of friendship. Tongue does not have a bone and it’s up to you to choose your friends.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Georgia is not Backyard of Russia

Situation still is quite tensed in Georgia as shoot of one bullet is possible to become a reason of resumption of hostility. Russia created buffer zones outside South Ossetia and Abkhazia and placed their checkpoints in strategic Poti port on the Black Sea in order to control cargo movement in whole territory. Such deployment of troops does not have explanation as Poti situates about 40 km away from administration border of Abkhazia.
Moscow intends to extend peacekeeping mission and to deploy troops in vague buffer zones, but these was not mentioned in the truce which was signed by Medvedev and Saakashvili. By the way it has to be noted that Russia cannot conduct anymore a peacekeeping mission in Georgia for two reasons. First, Russia was recognized as the side of the Patriotic War. Second, after adopting the martial law by the Georgian Parliament, every Russian unit inside internationally recognized border of Georgia got status of an occupation army.
After the collapse of Soviet Union Georgia became the sovereign state but in spite of it Moscow frequently states that former soviet republics remain part of Russia’s sphere of influence and that Russia will not allow the West to find a foothold in her backyard. Georgia is a pro-western country and it’s the decision of the Georgian people and nobody has right in Moscow to perceive the sovereign state as a “backyard” of Russia and not to respect opinion of the Georgian people.
End of the Cold War buried iron curtain in Europe and “zones of influence” were released from the Evil Empire. The Central and East European countries have determined their future, now it’s a turn of Georgia by support of democratic world to protect selected direction.

Russia Still Keeps Troops Outside the Conflict Zones

Now Russian wants to create buffer zones outside South Ossetia and Abkhazia in order to control central highway, railway rout and the Poti Port. It’s clear that they want to maintain their existence in Poti and Senaki which have never been battle field or disputed territories. Creation of such buffer zones has only economic and military purposes as Russia will be able to control practically all kind of movement in Georgian territory. It’s obvious that Russia does not fulfill the truce as creation of checkpoints and unclear buffer zones outside SO and Abkhazia were not part of the ceasefire agreement which was signed by Medvedev and Saakashvili.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Reliability of Russian Policy

Here you can see how Russian Occupation Tanks are rolling into the Georgian police cars blocking the road. During this time the Russian General Staff, Col-Gen Anatoly Nogovitsyn was giving an interview that the Russian army was leaving Georgian Cities. It’s an evidence how the Russian President Medvedev is keeping his ward.

Cynical Lie or Double Standards in Russian Manner

On August 18, Russian has to start withdrawing her occupation army from the Georgian soil according to the truce which was signed by Medvedev and Saakashvili.
Today Russian TV Medias started spreading information about pulling back tanks from Georgian cities. For that reason, Gen. Anatoly Nogovitsyn, the Russian armed forces’ deputy chief of staff made press conference and said that Russian army started pulling out from Georgian cities, but it’s only the Russian propaganda and cynical lie as they still continue keeping their positions in different Georgian cities and on highways.
Instead of withdrawal, today Russian tanks started moving to other Georgian cities. They wanted to enter in Borjomi and Sachkhere but after Police resistance, they backed to their old dislocations. In the evening Russian tanks smashed onto the Georgian Police Cars in the village Igoeti which is about 35 km away from the conflict zone and continued moving to Tbilisi.
All the mention above information means that Russia wants to lead to mistake international community and convince the world that they are fulfilling signed truce. But on the ground it’s obvious that Russian Occupation Army not only has not started withdrawing their tanks but also during the day they took several positions on the mountains and opened some new check points.
For that moment the main highway which connects East and West Georgia is still blocked by Russian Occupation Army and don’t allow cars to move on it.

Russian Jets are Bombing whole Territory of Georgia

Georgia has situation which we did not have even at the beginning of 90th. We have direct war against Russia and they openly bomb Georgian cities, towns, airports, ports and so on. All the mentioned above places are in smoke. Yesterday they bombed Gori, Kareli, Marneuli, Bonisi, Vaziani, Poti Port, Senaki and nothing to say about our positions in South Ossetia. Russian 58 th Army yesterday crossed our border and they are moving towards Tskinvali. The world community has to stop Russian aggression against Georgia. Before we claimed a lot to convince international community that Russian Jets used to violate Georgian border and bombed our territory, but now this war is a self lustration what Russia is in reality.
Georgian reserve army is gathered in every part of the country and nation is consolidated to fight against Russian aggression. Today President will impose decree for Emergency Situation.

Solidarity is the Caress of Nations